Side view of the Kawai CR-40

Kawai CR-40 Crystal Grand Piano

Our staff at Frank and Camille’s West are proud to feature this captivating Kawai CR-40 Crystal Grand Piano!  With only three in production a year, the Kawai CR-40 is a rare sight to see.  Come visit our showroom to experience this remarkable piano yourself!

Transcending Conventional Expectations

Since the late 1700s, piano manufacturers often experimented with a variety of wood for casings and veneers- from typical woods like spruce and maple, to the more exotic ebony, mahogany, and rosewood. 

The Kawai Piano Company of Japan defies 300 years of traditional piano design by creating the Kawai CR-40 Grand Piano with clear acrylic crystal.  The CR-40 demonstrates the harmony of Kawai’s visual and musical craftsmanship through its striking transparent outer cabinet.  

The cabinet allows players and audiences to watch the dancing inner mechanisms of the piano as it is being played.  Upon striking the bass notes, you can see the corresponding strings reverberate through the see-through lid!

The Kawai CR-40 Grand piano utilizes the Millennium III Action, made from special carbon fiber composites. The Millennium III Action accurately translates a dynamic range of sensitivity with its precise response.

The lucid quality of the cabinet matches the crystalline clarity of the piano?s sound.  With a clear upper treble, the CR-40?s sound equalizes with the robust, warm tones of the bass and mid-range registers.  This six-foot-one piano projects exceptionally well.  With its great speaking tone, volume, and dynamic range, the CR-40 is perfect for any stage!

Since acrylic crystal reflects and refracts light, we decided to add some fun LED lights to the piano.  Check out some of these cool long exposure shot we took in the dark!

We are proud to have the unique opportunity to showcase this one-of-the kind piano! Book your appointment today to visit Frank and Camille’s West to experience this rarity yourself!

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