Learning to Play Piano at Any Age

Think you?re too old to learn how to play the piano? Never!

Most people believe that once you reach a certain age, learning to play piano becomes an impossible feat. Nothing could be further from the truth!  While playing technical etudes are not in most people’s reach, everyone has the potential to learn to play songs with independent hands.  With the right amount of patience and practice, learning to play piano is a realistic and an attainable goal!

As one of life?s most rewarding skills, playing piano is an effective way to stay sharp in all areas of your life.  Research points that playing improves cognitive functions and helps combat the effects of aging on the brain.  How?s that for some worthwhile incentive?  So whether you?re 18 or 80 years old, let the piano become an exciting part of your life!

So what?s the first step? 

Finding a piano to play is a great place to get started. Before you get started with your search, consider these factors; How much are you willing to spend for a piano? Do you have the space in your house for a piano? Will you be able to practice anytime of day? The good news is that there are many options offered to suit different lifestyles and budgets.

Digital Pianos

Digital Pianos are a great option in terms of affordability. Even the most affordable digital pianos can easily carry players from beginner to intermediate levels of playing. Another advantage of owning a Digital Piano is that they tend to be more compact than traditional acoustic pianos, fitting into smaller spaces in your home. Digitals provide the option to play through headphones, useful for those who you who live with others, live in a place where practice time is restricted, or want to practice in private!

If you have the budget, get the best of both worlds with a Hybrid piano! Hybrids offer the realest touch and sound of an acoustic, with the added features and benefits of a digital. As far as sound maintenance goes, there’s virtually none needed for most digitals or hybrids. With upkeep needed, these pianos are just as practical as they are convenient.

Acoustic Pianos

For those who are adamant on playing on acoustic pianos, purchasing a used acoustic can save you money without compromising the organic acoustic experience. To help our customers, we wrote a blogpost sharing what to look for when purchasing a used upright. Check it out here!

Look at our blogpost on Tips on how to purchase a Used Upright Piano here!

If purchasing or owning a piano is not viable for you right now, rental piano services are available, as are rental studios with pianos. Remember; if there?s a will, there?s a way!

A Good Teacher is Invaluable!

Although there’s a plethora of online resources to learn from, nothing propels musical growth more than having a good teacher. Having an experienced instructor critique your playing technique and posture in real-time helps players advance quicker than those who don’t.  A teacher can introduce you to new methods to approach music, regardless of what level of player you are. As an excellent resource, your teacher can offer you advice on your musical progression, expertise on varying musical concepts, or guidance when you decide to upgrade your piano.

A well-matched teacher is an invaluable relationship to be cherished throughout the years. All successful concert pianists could have not reached their potential without their teachers. As a tried and true method of learning to play piano, why make the journey more difficult than it has to be?

If you need help finding a reputable teacher, the staff at Frank & Camille?s West have a list of music educators that offer a range in schedule, budget, and playing style. 

So make the decision to learn the piano today. Find yourself playing songs, reading sheet music, and practicing scales and arpeggios. Just remember to keep practicing!

For more information about pianos, music teachers, and programs, contact the staff at Frank & Camille?s West! Frank & Camille’s West is the Tri-State Area?s premier piano store and the only authorized dealer of Kawai Pianos!

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