Nassau County

Quality Pianos for Sale in Nassau County

Since 1974, Kawai Piano Gallery has provided quality pianos. We have new, pre-owned, and digital pianos for sale. Our pianos are good for any level of student from beginning to advanced. Our store is the perfect place in Nassau County to get your new piano.

When deciding on the right piano for your space, you’ll first need to decide what type you’d like. The main options are digital, acoustic grand, and acoustic upright pianos. Then you’ll want to play the piano to check the sound quality. You’ll also want to make sure you know where you’re putting the piano so that it will fit. Lastly, consider the brand you’ll get.

Reliable Services for Fantastic Pianos

When you get a piano from Kawai Piano Gallery, you’ll get a 90-day price guarantee. Our team is proud to have a wide range of products that are all competitively priced. We also have 10-year warranties on all of our pre-owned pianos.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our team can help you select the right piano for you. We have pianos for the whole of Nassau County, and you’ll be pleased with your instrument. To learn more about what we have, call Kawai Piano Gallery at (718) 322-0737.

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