Kawai CN39 Digital Piano

As the premium model of the CN series, the Kawai CN39 Digital Piano showcases piano excellence and versatility. With piano samples that emulate the sounds of the famed Shigeru Kawai SK-EX, Shigeru Kawai K-5, and Kawai EX grand pianos, the CN39 offers impeccable concert piano sound quality. In partnership with Onkyo, the four-speaker system provides improved high-grade amplification and clarity. The CN39 includes 355 instrumental sounds voices (including 9 drum-kits), and additional digital functions, all above Kawai digital piano standard.


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Kawai CN39 Digital Piano


The award-winning Kawai CN Series Digital Pianos embodies over 90 years of piano building heritage. Working alongside Onkyo, the surveyor of audio electronics, Kawai produces a new motherboard and speaker system for the CN29 and CN39. The CN Series include six different reverb simulations, allowing pianists the flexibility to position themselves within different acoustic environments.

The Responsive Hammer III keyboard action gives players a consistent playing experience. Triple sensor detection registers repeated notes with precision, excellent for playing rapid, soft trills. The durable reinforced action ensures stability when played with force, while the Ivory touch key surfaces aids in finger control with its matte finish. The 88-keys counter-weighted give the CN Series a realistic piano touch.




As the premium model of the CN series, the CN39 offers more sources, sounds, and polyphony than other models. The progressive Harmonic Imaging sound engine captures the incredible piano tones of the famed Shigeru Kawai SK-EX, Shigeru Kawai K-5, and Kawai EX grand pianos with stunning accuracy. The powerful four-speaker output system performs with exceptional clarity without distortion. The Grand Pedal system of the CN39 supports the three pedal functions: Damper, Soft, Sostenuto. With all these improvements combined, the CN39 showcases superior sound, polyphony, and tonal clarity.

The CN39 supports additional digital functions compared to other CN series models. The CN39 supports USB recording, wireless Bluetooth MIDI and Audio, 16 registration memories, and additional lesson books/songs, and metronome time signatures. The impressive 335 programmed voices include 9 drum-kit samples, which are GM2 compatible. The SHS headphone system gives players the freedom to practice quietly or privately, at any time of day. All Kawai standard digital piano functions are included, such as improved internal audio recorder and USB hosting. All these functions are accessible through the OLED display control panel nestled in the left side panel of the keyboard.


Dimensions: 57″(W) x 17 1/3″(D) x 33 2/3″(H)/144.5(W) x 43.5(D) x 88(H)mm





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Weight119 lbs
Dimensions57 × 17.33 × 33.33 in
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