Kawai CR-40 Crystal Grand Piano

Transcending Conventional Expectations

There are times and places where you need something special, something truly unique to set apart an occasion or a rarefied space. It could be an exclusive home with a matchless view, a one-of-a-kind concert, or a luxury venue. Whatever the need, the distinctive Kawai CR-40 Crystal Grand Piano could complete the missing piece. With only three instruments produced each year for the entire world, the CR-40 is a rare gem created to occupy life’s rare moments and spaces.

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Kawai CR-40 Crystal Grand Piano

The Kawai Piano Company of Japan defies 300 years of traditional piano design by creating the Kawai CR-40 Grand Piano with clear acrylic crystal. The CR-40 demonstrates the harmony of Kawai’s visual and musical craftsmanship through its striking transparent outer cabinet and tonal clarity.


Millenium III Action

The Kawai CR-40 features the exclusive Millennium III Upright Action, crafted with components infused with ABS-Carbon. The inclusion of ABS-Carbon give the action the properties of rigidness and lightness, without compromising the strength and sensitivity. This results in a stronger, faster action that delivers more power, control, and stability with less effort than conventional all-wood actions. In unison with the tapered solid spruce soundboard, the K-series pianos produce rich, warm tones with dynamics ranging from thundering fortissimos, to the most delicate of pianissimos.



With a clear upper treble, the CR-40 s sound equalizes with the robust, warm tones of the bass and mid-range registers. This six-foot-one piano projects exceptionally well. With its great speaking tone, volume, and dynamic range, the CR-40 is perfect for any stage!



The Kawai CR-40’s outer cabinet is made with an industrial grade acrylic crystal. Known for its crystal clear transparency, the acrylic does not yellow with age or oxidize with sun exposure. Since this material is non-porous, it is not affected by temperature and humidity as much as traditional wooden pianos are. This piano will be the centerpiece to any setting it is placed in.

Watching the dancing inner mechanisms of the piano experience for players and audiences alike. Upon striking the bass notes, you can see the corresponding strings vibrate through the see-through lid!





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