PianoDisc iQ DVD

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PianoDisc iQ DVD

pianodisc iq dvd

The PianoDisc iQ DVD is a three in one multimedia player which takes full advantage of the award winning iQ system.

This slim line unit features a built in CD/DVD drive, USB port and SD card slot, allowing you to play MIDI, CD, DVD, MP3 and other file formats.

Enjoy music from the huge PianoDisc Music Library or even watch your favorite musicians play with PianoVideo (the artist is on sceen while also playing your piano live).

This can be installed on your Piano or added to any instrument of your choice! At Frank and Camilles West, we have the largest in-house installation facility !


Brand: PianoDisc

Model: iQ DVD

Type: Player System Installations



PianoDisc History

Since its humble beginnings in 1988, PianoDisc has become one of the most successful, innovative and influential companies in the music products industry. They continue to create new and exciting additions to their product line.

The Player

Most people are familiar with the old style player pianos which work using paper rolls (and usually an out of breath operator seated on the bench). Modern player systems came on the scene more recently using various media. The Pianocorder, a product of Superscope/Marantz, was introduced in the 1970s using cassette tape and was popular for its time. However, the line went off the market when Yamaha bought the rights in the late 1980s.

The People

Up until Yamaha s acquisition of Pianocorder, Gary & Kirk Burgett had a good thing going, installing the system in pianos they sold from their retail piano store in Sacramento California. Yamaha then brought out their own version of player piano. But the Burgetts were not Yamaha dealers and neither were countless other dealers across the country. So the Burgetts decided to do something about it. They designed and built their own product now known as PianoDisc.

The Performance

The rest, as they say, is history. PianoDisc has grown into an internationally succesful and respected company. Thousands of people around the world enjoy lifelike performances of world class musicians on their own pianos.

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Dimensions60 × 76 in
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