Pre-Owned Yamaha U3 Ebony Polish

Reconditioned by professional Japanese Piano Technicians with years of working experience, all of our pre-owned Yamaha U3 Studio Upright Piano are re-built to meet the high standards of industry professional Japanese pianos. These highly demanded pianos are an excellent choice for players in need of a piano with an exemplary touch, expansive tone, peerless projection and affordability.

This specific Pre-owned Yamaha U3comes in an Ebony Polish Finish.


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Pre-Owned Yamaha U3 Ebony Polish


At Kawai Piano Gallery, we have a stock of Yamaha U3 s to choose from. We have so much confidence in our pianos we offer the same warranty as Yamaha offers for their new pianos. This Pre-owned Yamaha U3 Studio Upright comes in an Ebony Polish finish.


This Pre-Owned Yamaha U3 Studio Upright has been rebuilt to its original condition. Rebuilt by experienced Japanese piano technicians with years of working experience on Japanese pianos. This Yamaha U3 meets the high standards of industry professional Japanese pianos.


Restored with new hammers, key tops, bridle straps, key bushings, dampers, strings and tuning pins, this U3 also has been refinished in Ebony with durable polyester and polished to a mirror like finish. All our restored U3 s come with the exclusive Kawai Piano Gallery slow fall system. All pianos are in like-new condition, with a fraction of the price.


Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician, Yamaha U3 upright pianos are made in Japan and feature outstanding tone, touch and durability. A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, U3 upright pianos offer outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured. An expansive soundboard and acoustic chamber give the 131 cm (52″) U3 extended power and projection, with the peerless tonal and expressive control of the legendary Yamaha action.


The Yamaha U3 Studio Piano is in high demand for teachers and studios for its excellent piano touch and tone at an affordable cost.


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Weight300 lbs
Dimensions60 × 35 × 48 in
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