QRS PNOmation3 Player Piano System

Upgrade your outdated player piano system with the new QRS PNOmation3!

The most advanced player system available in the market, the QRS PNO3 offers better performance, design, and user experience. Compatible with a multitude of player systems, the QRS PNO3 uses MIDI connectivity to update old QRS, Disklavier, ConcertMaster, Spirio, and PianoDisc System. As long as a player system has a MIDI port, the QRS PNO3 can upgrade the system. The QRS PNO3 allows for the beautiful appearance of the piano to be undisturbed, as the system can be hidden away, unlike older models that typically were mounted onto the instrument.


QRS PNOmation3 Player Piano System

Bring your player piano back to the 21st century with the new QRS PNOmation3 (PNO3) Player System! QRS continues to broaden their versatility by giving the PNO3 the capabilities to upgrade other outdated piano systems through MIDI. With it’s simple setup, within five minutes you can update your old QRS, Disklavier, ConcertMaster, Spirio, and PianoDisc System to the latest player piano technology QRS has to offer.


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The Controller/User Interface

The key visual feature of an outdated controller technology is the box mounted onto the piano. The box disrupts the visual appearance of the instrument. QRS solved this issue through migrating the controller to an embedded web app system.

The PNO3 player app neatly categorizes and stations all of your content purchases. The simple touch screen user interface is intuitive, enhancing the player experience. Purchasing content can be done without network connection! The PNO3 is made to stream at further ranges. Total control of speaker and piano adjustments are easily made through the app. For convenience, any WiFi enabled device will be able to control the player piano.


The PNOscan Optical Sensor

The best record technologies sense the movement of the keys continuously. The PNO3 senses the entire movement of the key up and down, collecting data to create the most accurate recordings possible. The PNO3’s optical sensors are non-evasive, allowing no mechanical link to cause potential noise or breakage. QRS’s patents for optical sensors are the best product ever produced for recording realistic performances on an acoustic piano.



User Guide: Download

Weight30 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 10 in
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