Steinway B Grand Piano

This 1910 Steinway B Grand delivers that characteristic warmth with the excellent tonal clarity and sustain that vintage Steinway & Sons pianos are known for. Older Steinway Piano Models are a popular choice amongst players who want the Steinway namesake with a warmer quality.

Original price was: $60,000.00.Current price is: $34,999.00.

Steinway B Grand Piano

This 1910 Steinway B Grand Piano in Satin Ebony finish faithfully produces a warm tone that most vintage Steinway & Sons Pianos are known for.

Beautifully maintained, this impressive 1910 Steinway B entered our workshop with original internals, action, and soundboard fully intact. Its naturally aged wood soundboard produces warm bass tones that complement those of the crystalline treble. Ultimately, this magnificent grand piano is capable of generating complex overtones and sustaining the rich resonance that is characteristic of older Steinway piano models.

The greatest rival against new Steinway Pianos, professionally used Steinway Pianos can offer warmth and tonal clarity, at a fraction of the cost of a new Steinway & Sons Piano. This 110 year old piano can live for another hundred years with the proper care and conditioning. Inspected and tuned by our technicians, this piano comes with our excellent warranty labor & parts, plus our unparalleled Lifetime Trade-up Policy!



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Weight790 lbs
Dimensions60 × 150 × 50 in
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