Steinway M Medium Grand Piano

This 1930 Steinway M Grand Piano in Mahogany Satin was fully restored to faithfully reproduce its original tone.

The soundboard was replaced with a Buldoc Soundboard, the same used in new Steinway Pianos. Renner parts were used in restoration as well, the same ones found in Hamburg Steinways.

With its warm bass and clear treble register, this Steinway M Grand Piano continues to deliver superior tone that lives up to its Steinway & Sons namesake.


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Steinway M Medium Grand Piano

Fully Restored Steinway M Grand Piano in Mahogany Satin for Sale. This piano’s rich tone and responsive action offers conservatory quality sound in a manageable size. The size lends the piano suitable for many homes to larger NYC apartments.


The greatest rival against new Steinway Pianos, professionally restored Steinway Pianos can offer the same warmth and tonal clarity, at a fraction of the cost. At Kawai Piano Gallery, our professional piano technicians use the same parts found in original and new Steinway Pianos in order to preserve this piano’s characteristic qualities.


The Buldoc Soundboard used is the same soundboard used in new Steinway Pianos in production today. We also used Renner parts in restoration, the same ones found in Hamburg Steinways. With all the restorations made, this piano is to last for the decades to come, with the proper care and conditioning. Its elegant mahogany satin finish complements any home, lending itself to stay visually relevant when passed down as an heirloom.


With its warm bass, clear treble register, and dynamic sound, this Steinway continues to deliver the unmistakable tone and quality of its Steinway & Sons namesake.


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Weight560 lbs
Dimensions67 × 58 × 50 in
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