The QRS UV Light Keyboard Sanitizer

QRS UV Keyboard Sanitizer: COVID-19 care

For private teachers, schools, and institutions, the QRS UV Keyboard Sanitizer is a crucial tool to provide a safer playing environment for students.

While a number of musicians transitioned to online lessons and virtual performances, many are eager to return to their routines prior to the COVID-19 health crisis.  As we approach the new school year, teachers and institutions continue to discuss how to safely reintroduce students and players into practice spaces. 

Although pianists don’t need to address the same level of caution as woodwind and brass players, wearing masks isn?t enough to protect others from spreading and contracting diseases!

Because infectious viruses and bacteria can live on surfaces for hours to a few days, teachers and faculty should maintain a strict sanitation regimen for their pianos. Since the keyboard is a major contact point for players, it is imperative to clean this area as thoroughly as possible. 

Here at Kawai Piano Gallery, we use the QRS Keyboard Sanitizer to uphold the highest health safety standards. For private teachers, schools, and institutions, the QRS Keyboard Sanitizer is a crucial tool to provide a safer playing environment for everyone.

QRS Keyboard Sanitizer

The QRS Keyboard Sanitizer uses an Ultraviolet germicidal light of 185-254 nanometers to sterilize 99.9% of viruses, airborne bacteria, and mold spores. 

The UV light reaches areas that could be affected by wet chemicals, like the keybed and wooden keys.

Using traditional methods to disinfect the sides of each key is tedious. The QRS Keyboard Sanitizer simplifies the entire process with an automatic timer. Within ten minutes, the QRS Keyboard Sanitizer will fully sterilize the entire keyboard, ready for your next student.

Here?s a short demo on the QRS UV Sanitizer! 

Additionally, the QRS Keyboard Sanitizer is safe to use on most surfaces. This allows users to sanitize the piano bench and music rest as well!

To provide an ease of mind, we use the QRS Keyboard Sanitizer in front of our customers before they engage with our display pianos. We use this device in conjunction with a spray disinfectant, to ensure maximum cleanliness and protection.

We recommend all private teachers, schools, and institutions to use the QRS Sanitizer. A necessary product in today’s health climate, the QRS Keyboard Sanitizer ensures hassle-free cleaning that keeps you and your students safe.

Stay safe with the QRS UV Keyboard Sanitizer for your private lessons, school, or institution. Click here to read more information on this product or to order yours from Kawai Piano Gallery today!

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